EXCLUSIVE: Judge Sets Deadline For Kanye West And EMI To Formalize Settlement

A judge overseeing the legal ware between Kanye West’s and EMI have set a date for both parties to come up with the terms of their settlement.

(AllHipHop News) Kanye West and EMI Publishin need to finalize their settlement agreement and fast.

Kanye and EMI have been tangled up in a lawsuit since January of 2019.

The rapper vowed to sue EMI, claiming the company refused to sell him back his publishing for an estimated $8-9 million.

Kanye filed his lawsuit in California and claimed the “servitude” contract he signed in 2003 was lopsided and even barred him from retiring as an artist or performer.

EMI filed a countersuit against Kanye, claiming their contract was perfectly legal since he signed the deal in New York and that he had extended the agreement.

However, both parties unexpectedly announced they had made a settlement in September, but the terms of the agreement were not disclosed.

In the latest update, the judge overseeing the case has ordered both parties to get the settlement talks done ASAP.

“In light of the parties’ notice of settlement, indicating that the case has settled in its entirety and that the parties are finalizing their written settlement agreement, this action is placed in inactive status,” Judge Dolly Gee recently wrote.

According to Judge Gee, Kanye and EMI have until December 30th to file either (1) a stipulation and proposed order for dismissal of the action or judgment, or (2) a motion to reopen if settlement has not been consummated.

Judge Gee said if either party fails to comply with the order, the lawsuit will be dismissed on December 31, 2019.