EXCLUSIVE: Judge To Toss Lawsuit Against Casanova For Breaking Woman’s Jaw

Casanova is on the verge of beating a lawsuit filed against him by a woman who claims he broke her jaw in a diner.

(AllHipHop News) Brooklyn rapper Casanova just caught a “break” over a fight in a diner which left a woman with a broken jaw.

A woman named Niya Rucker filed a lawsuit against Casanova in July of 2019 after she was beaten up inside the Good Stuff Diner in New York in August of 2018.

Since the original filing, Niya Rucker has failed to serve the rapper with a subpoena, and Casanova hasn’t replied.

Now the clock is counting down on Rucker.

Judge Dora Irizarry has promised to throw the case out of court on March 13th since Niya Rucker hasn’t taken any action on the case since her original filing almost a year ago.

The whole ordeal between Niya Rucker and Casanova started when the rapper and his guys were trying to enjoy a tasty meal inside of Good Stuff.

Rucker made the bad choice of filming the rapper as he was eating.

According to Niya, Casanova went nuts and the rap star’s friends beat her, choked her out, cut her and ultimately broke her jaw as he tried to take her phone to erase the footage.

Casanova was ultimately arraigned on two counts of felony robbery. He vehemently refuted all of the accusations through his lawyer Scott Leemon.

“The alleged victim, left, that night, with her phone. Therefore, there is no loss relating to anything Casanova is accused of doing. The alleged victim knowingly and purposely lied to the local media for one significant purpose….to try and make money off of the incident,” Scott Leemon told AllHipHop.com in a statement. “She has no credibility. The labeling of Casanova as a person who assaults women is slanderous and will not be tolerated.”