Juelz Santana Loses Home In Foreclosure

Its Hard Out Here, Guys!

(AllHipHop News) Juelz Santana has lost his condo to foreclosure, according to reports.

The rapper owed $688,219 on the home and $7,000 in lawyers’ fees, according to reports, but was unable to get the property from out of arrears.

A judge issued a final foreclosure judgment against on April 22. The rapper lived in the same development where the Notorious BIG once lived. The condo will be sold at a sheriff’s sale.

Bossip reports:

Juelz, who was born LaRon James, took out a $486,000 mortgage 11 years ago to pay the $540,000 price tag on the condo. But Wells Fargo said in court papers that he stopped paying the $3,754 a month mortgage in November 2013. The bank sued him soon after, and the “Beamer, Benz or Bentley” rapper will soon be thrown out of the luxury condo in a private community in northern New Jersey.

Juelz recently announced that he was returning to the music industry.