Juelz Santana’s Condo Heading for The Auction Block

Juelz Santana suffered a financial setback with the loss of his condominium.

(AllHipHop News) Rapper Juelz Santana has finally lost his attempt to keep a luxury condo in New Jersey.

Wells Fargo has foreclosed on the home because Juelz could not keep up the monthly payments on the mortgage.

The rap star purchased the home in 2005 and took out a 30-year mortgage for the condo, which cost $540,000.

The residence went into foreclosure once before in 2016, but Juelz managed to catch up on his payments.

The rapper fell behind again in June of 2018, and that is when Wells Fargo started the paperwork to foreclose on the property.

According to Bossip, the condominium will be going up for auction during a Sheriff sale.

Juelz is currently finishing up a 27-month sentence for bringing drugs and a loaded gun to the Newark Airport in May of 2018.