Julia Fox Feels Sorry For Kanye’s Kids After Antisemitic Remarks

kanye west and julia fox

Julia Fox was not only shocked over Kanye West anti-Semitic comments, she was also heartbroken read more.

Julia Fox remains “heartbroken” over Kanye West’s antisemitism controversy.

Late last year, the “Stronger” rapper hit headlines after he made a string of offensive remarks about Jewish people on social media and in interviews, leading to him becoming widely condemned and losing a series of sponsors and partnerships.

In a discussion for the March 2023 issue of ELLE magazine, Julia insisted she never suspected Kanye – whom she briefly dated in early 2022 – was capable of such behavior.

“I just feel so bad for everyone involved, to be honest. I feel bad for his family, his children. I feel bad for the Jewish people. Some of my Jewish friends are shook right now, and that f###### breaks my heart. I really, truly, would’ve never seen him taking this direction,” she commented.

During an appearance on “Watch What Happens Live” with Andy Cohen in January, Julia noted that she hadn’t spoken to Kanye since they broke up.

“I have not talked to Kanye in almost a year and I have been in the same room as Kim (Kardashian, his ex-wife) but we’ve never spoken about anything,” the Uncut Gems actress stated at the time.

Elsewhere in the ELLE conversation, Julia revealed that she is writing a memoir.

“It’s not like a celebrity who just got a book deal and, like, got a ghostwriter to write it, you know? Like, I actually am about this life,” she said, before emphasizing that the book won’t focus on her relationships. “I didn’t want to make men the focal point.