Justin Bieber Names His Top 5 Emcees On DJ Khaled’s Podcast

Find out which rap legends make the A-lister’s list of GOATs.

Justin Bieber is mostly known as a Pop performer who sometimes uses elements of R&B and Hip Hop on his projects. Throughout his musical run, Bieber has worked with chart-topping rap acts like Ludacris, Big Sean, Nicki Minaj, Chance The Rapper, Quavo, and others.

But which rappers make the Canadian singer-songwriter’s personal list of the greatest of all time? Bieber jumped into that subject during an appearance on The Springhill Company and Amazon Music’s The First One podcast hosted by DJ Khaled.

“When you open this conversation, there’s always room for: ‘Ah, you can’t believe this,'” Bieber told Khaled when asked to name his Top 5 emcees. “But I would say Lil Wayne, [The Notorious B.I.G.]… I would say Eminem, Kanye West. That’s four, and my fifth is Drizzy Drake.”

The 43-minute The First One interview also included Bieber talking about his new album Justice, his marriage to Hailey Bieber, his first hit single “Baby” featuring Ludacris, and more topics. Khaled also chatted with the 27-year-old musician about his 12-year career in the entertainment industry.

“Justin is my brother and great friend that I have been blessed to work with so closely. We came together for a special cloth talk, because we are ‘special cloth,’ where we discuss him starting at a young age, where he’s at now, what inspires him, and his new album, Justice,” says DJ Khaled.