Juvenile Celebrates Gets The Key To The City Of New Orleans


The Cash Money rap star was honored and acknowledged by his hometown, as a local hero for creating booty shaking anthems!

Cash Money records might have taken over for the 1999 and 2000s, but it was not until 21 years later that their star artist received the key to their hometown.

On Wednesday, April 14, 2021, rapper Terius “Juvenile” Gray was presented the high honor from the New Orleans mayor, the honorable Latoya Cantrell.

Mr. “Back that Thang Up” attended the ceremony held in the municipality’s city hall. In front of friends, family, and fans, Cantrell noted his over 30-year contribution to rap music and how his celebrity has impacted the city.

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The plaque read, “In recognition of his contribution to the music industry and being known as one of the pioneers of hip-hop music in the South. Known as a creative genius and homegrown talent that has made him a hip-hop legend and known worldwide. He has not only been able to show us how good he is at putting lyrics to a beat, but just how artistic he is with his hands by crafting luxury furniture, Made by Juvie.”

“Creating music that shook the world with hits like ‘Bounce for the Juvenile,’ ‘Back that Azz Up’ and ‘Slow Motion,’ he has had an amazing journey releasing 112 solo projects to date and has sold millions of records, including two hit albums ‘Solja Rags’ and ‘400 Degreez.’

“As a son of the City of New Orleans, Juvenile exemplifies the New Orleans’ spirit by bringing people together and inspiring a generation of musicians and fans. Thank you for your contributions to the music industry, entrepreneurship, and the evolution of Hip Hop!”

Juvenile is indeed a pioneer and deserves the accolade.