K Camp Reveals Why He’s Undergoing Surgery; Says “Good News” Is It’s Not Cancer

K Camp

K Camp thanked his fans for their support ahead of the surgery, which he hoped would not affect his ability to make music.

K Camp asked fans to keep him in their thoughts as he prepares to undergo surgery. The multi-platinum-selling rapper detailed his struggles with a vocal cord polyp in an Instagram post on Monday (November 13).

“Dear fans, I wanted to share some important news,” he wrote. “I’ll be undergoing vocal surgery in a few days. Good news is that it’s not cancerous. Your support means the world to me. Let’s pray that this doesn’t affect me or my music. Thank you for your understanding and love during this time.”

K Camp shared a video of his visit to the doctor, who explained how the polyp developed.

“Your vocal folds ruptured and it caused an inflammatory reaction,” the doctor told K Camp. “And the polyp is the response to that.”

K Camp said he sought help after trying various home remedies for his vocals. At one point, his vocals were gone for roughly two months.

“I had to see a second specialist to check on my vocals,” he said in the video. “I did a lot of straining on my vocals this year. So, I been dealing with my vocals being out for like two months. I done tried everything … Anything you can name, I done tried. So, I had to go to the ENT, another ENT specialist, to see what was going on with me.”

Earlier this year, K Camp signed a distribution deal with TikTok’s SoundOn. Last week, he dropped the music video for his single “Spin the Block.”

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