K. Michelle Attacks Angela Yee On Air For Bringing Up “Stink P*ssy” Comment By Uncle Murda


“I know when I play with myself, I’m happy with how my fingers smell,” – K. Michelle 

(AllHipHop News) In an outburst that’s been building up over the past few weeks on Power 105’s The Breakfast Club, Atlantic signed singer K. Michelle addressed rumors about her personal hygiene below the belt.

While the origins of the inflammatory joke are debatable, in a Breakfast Club interview just last week Maino and Uncle Murda joked about K. Michelle’s privates live on air saying, “she got that stink p*ssy, she got that K. Michelle.”

Since the initial comments were made by Uncle Murda and Maino, K. Michelle has denied the rumors stating in her own Breakfast Club interview that, “It’s not really much you can say, cause you’re not gonna let every dude in the world. They not gonna hit, they not gonna get to smell it, so it’s really not much you can do about something like that. Especially, first you don’t even know me Uncle Murda.  ” K. Michelle said.

The Atlantic soloist also deplored Uncle Murda and Maino for being “old ass men promoting a mixtape.”

“The thing about it is you got these two old ass men promoting a mixtape. That’s the first problem, up here giggling like Mary Kate and Ashley or some sht. They all –  you’re a gangster and you got one gangster up here talking about you ‘heard’ that means you’re a gossiping ‘btch.”

Later on in the candid interview, K. Michelle also took the time to verbally attack Angela Yee while defending herself on the highly publicized and personal matter.

K. Michelle took issue with Angela Yee highlighting the hygiene debacle toward the end of the Breakfast Club’s 20 minute plus interview with Maino and Uncle Murda.

“It wasn’t even about them, it was like come on Angela, for real? Like you a woman, these nggas right here don’t give a fck.  They nasty with they balls hangin’.” But you being a woman and you see me, you see me out here, you know what I’m saying. You brought that back up, you had already addressed that. There was no need for you to open your mouth and you sitting over there giggling and ke-keing.” K Michelle said to Angela pointing her finger in Angela’s direction.

“My thing with you is the fact that you are friends and family with of the label!” K Michelle said with her voice getting louder. “You have to do a job, but maybe before you open your mouth, when you do your job, you should look at the time.”

K Michelle carried on, “You was at my listening party, you knew that album was coming out, you know how the media attack me, so you know any negative headline that they can put up about me to overshadow my music is what they do. But thank got the music was strong.”

“I do feel like I came and showed support for K Michelle,” Angela said speaking up to address K Michelle. “But, I feel like you can handle it.”

“You ain’t gonna be Oprah like that, you gonna be somebody else, Ricki Lake come and gone because it’s a time and a place,” K Michelle clapped back.

Later on in another sequence, Angela addressed the issue which you can hear below:

K. Michelle’s project More Issues Than Vogue is out now. The first video for “Not A Little Bit” is below: