K-Shine Says He And Ultimate Rap League ‘Back A Step Closer To Positivity’

Fans are anxious to see Harlem rapper back on the stage.

After months of back and forth on social media, it seems that battle rapper K-Shine and the Ultimate Rap League have come to an agreement about how they would go forward in business.

According to an exclusive interview with HipHopIsReal.com under their paid subscription feature, the Harlem native likes what he hears from the team over at SMACK.

“I spoke to URL and we spoke about some things that is kinda suitable for both of us. I agree to do some things if they agreed to do some things,” the rapper said. “I really like what I heard and if they’re gonna honor that, then we straight Nonetheless, we are back a step closer to positivity as far as K-Shine and the URL is concerned.”

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Fans had their thoughts about his comments.

One person said, “The way shine was talking and acting I would’ve let him go … prolly would’ve sued him too.”

Another fan wrote, “Talk spicy for what knowing url got all them and a headlock.”

“Sounds like Father Beasley put Kshine over his lap and sent him Back to his room😂😂😂,” Bodega_a007 commented.

While stillstanding_4meandmines offered, “Can’t wait to see 👀 you back 😍I miss you 😢 on the stage my favorite ❤️ battle rapper.”

Hopefully, this means a K-Shine showing can happen in 2023.