Kangol Kid From UTFO Launching New Dating Reality Show “Fairytale Lover”

kangol kid

The heartthrob is back with a new reality show based on UTFO’s#### single, called “Fairytale Lover.”

When you look back on the legacy of Hip-Hop, it is clear to see that Drake’s lover boy persona was influenced by artists like LL Cool J and Kangol Kid from UTFO.

When the song, “Roxanne, Roxanne” dropped, everyone knows it birthed the career of Roxanne Shanté and so many other Roxanne.

But the success of the classic Hip-Hop song also sent the girls “gaga” over Doctor Ice, the Educated Rapper, and Shaun Shiller Fequiere aka the Kangol Kid.

The girls rewound that tape to hear him rap and sing UTFO hits like “Ya Cold Wanna Be With Me,” and their classic R&B song, “Fairytale Lover.”

The ladies would simply lay back and daydream that the Brooklyn native was directing his lovesick broken-heart toward them. Kangol was for all practical purposes, the early 80’s Drake.

Now that fans have a little background on Kangol, one can see how his new reality show is set to shake some stuff up, like the “Flavor of Love” did almost 20 years ago.

More like “The Bachelor,” this show is titled and based on his hit song, “Fairytale Lover.” Kangol Kid sat with Chuck Creekmur from AllHipHop and broke down the show.

“UTFO…we had that hit in the mid-80s called ‘Fairytale Lover.’ We’re the first rap group to have an R&B ballad. And so that name is fitting,” Kangol Kid told AllHipHop.com.

“What we’re doing is making sure that fans have an opportunity to have a moment with their ‘Fairytale Lover,’” Kangol Kid continued. “I’m sure everyone out there who’s hearing me and seeing me right now has had a ‘Fairytale Lover.’”

Starting on Valentine’s Day (February 14th), ladies looking for a shot at living a real-life fairytale can participate by uploading a video to their own social media account, using the hashtag “FairytaleloverTV.”

Hopefuls can also DM videos to @FairytaleloverTV and casting agents will review the submissions.

“There is someone that you’ve seen on television that you’ve said, ‘I’d love to have an opportunity to meet that individual and hang out and party’ and who knows what else could happen with this person. And that was your ‘Fairytale Lover.’ This show will be exactly that,” Kangol Kid continued.

Season 1’s grand-prize winner will get the chance to meet Kangol Kid. In subsequent seasons, Kangol is looking to bring in his celebrity friends like Big Daddy, Ralph Tresvant, Al B. Sure!, CeCe Peniston, Cindy from EnVogue, and others, who will go on dates with lucky fans.

“You will win a day in the life of that ‘Fairytale Lover.’ It’s work for me, but it’d be fun for y’all. We’re walking down that red carpet, where paparazzi’s taking photos of us,” Kangol Kid told AllHipHop.com. “The outfit that you’re wearing is sponsored by that famous brand or designer. Maybe Fashion Nova will probably step in and bless you with whatever it is you want, for these events. Rubbing elbows with my celebrity friends. So we want to make what I do for a living, which is a fairy tale to y’all, we want to make your fairy tale come true. So that’s basically what the show is about.”

Now… tell us he ain’t no Hip-Hop Prince Charming!

Kangol Kid flyer
Kangol Kid flyer