Kanye Fights Back In “New Slaves” Lawsuit


(AllHipHop News) Rapper Kanye West is fighting back against copyright infringement allegations regarding his song “New Slaves” amid his medical emergency.

Hungarian rocker Gabor Presser filed suit against the “All of the Lights” hitmaker in a New York court in May, claiming the hip-hop star sampled his track “Gyonhyhaju Lany” at the end of “New Slaves” without his formal approval.

According to his legal action, Kanye reached out to Presser to seek his permission before the tune was released on his 2013 album Yeezus. Presser agreed, but under the assumption that a formal deal would be negotiated.

Kanye sent the composer a $10,000 advance to push the deal through quickly, but Presser insisted he never cashed the check, and subsequently demanded $2.5 million in compensation.

The rapper has since responded to the lawsuit, insisting Presser gave him the green light to proceed with sampling “Gyonhyhaju Lany.”

In court papers obtained by DailyMail.com, Kanye also petitions the judge to allow the case to be moved from New York to Los Angeles, where he lives.

He also notes his fellow defendants at record label Sony Music and Gimme My Publishing Inc. are also located in California, making the change of venue a more convenient forum for litigation.

The request has been met with opposition from Presser, who argues Kanye regularly does business in the Big Apple, where he also owns a pad.

The plaintiff also insists he would not be able to continue with the suit if he has to travel from eastern Europe to Los Angeles to fight for his compensation, as it would be an unnecessary burden.

Kanye’s lawsuit response was filed on November 11, days before he was admitted to the University of California, Los Angeles Medical Center (UCLA) for a mental evaluation on November 21 after erratic behavior and onstage rants led to fears for his health.
He has since been released and is receiving treatment for exhaustion and sleep deprivation.