Kanye Finally Settles Lawsuit For Stealing Hungarian Song For His Own Hit “New Slaves”


(AllHipHop News) Kanye West has settled out of court with Hungarian artist Gabor Presser, on charges that he unlawfully stole the 1969 hit, “The Girl With The Pearl Hair.”

Kanye was accused of jacking Presser’s song and using it for his 2013 single, “New Slaves,” which was the breakout hit for his album, Yeezus.
Presser claimed he heard 85 seconds of his song being used illegally, just as Kanye started using portions of “New Slaves” in a 66-city promotion campaign.

Shortly after, one of West’s attorneys reached out to Presser to “work out a deal” as soon as possible.

Presser did not want to cut a quick deal or halt West’s tour, so he granted the rapper to use it if they came to terms afterward.

West’s attorneys tried to give Presser $10,000, however, Presser did not accept it and continued unsuccessfully to negotiate with West until 2016, when the case headed to court with Presser suing West for $2.5 million.
Instead of testifying in court which was slated to be in two days, Kanye chose to settle with terms that have not been disclosed to the public.

Kanye West and Pressers’ attorneys declined to comment.