Ye Loves Jewish People Again, Thanks To Jonah Hill And “21 Jump Street”

Kanye West and Jonah Hill

It looks like Ye, formerly known as Kanye West, is having a change of heart when it comes to his attitude towards Jewish people- and Jonah Hill is getting the credit!

Ye, the controversial music icon, found himself in the center of a major scandal in late 2022, after making anti-Semitic comments that led to a temporary ban on Twitter and Instagram.

Brands severed ties with him, and he was crowned “anti-Semite of the year” by leading organizations.

However, Ye recently resurfaced on Instagram, proclaiming his love for Jewish people after watching actor Jonah Hill in “21 Jump Street.”

In a heartfelt post, Ye expressed his change of heart, saying, “Watching Jonah Hill in 21 Jump Street made me like Jewish people again. No one should take anger against one or two individuals and transform that into hatred towards millions of innocent people. No Christian can be labeled anti-Semite knowing Jesus is a Jew. Thank you, Jonah Hill, love you.”

Before this revelation, Ye had faced severe backlash and massive losses due to his offensive remarks.

Adidas dropped him in October 2022, ending a nine-year partnership, stating that they didn’t tolerate anti-Semitism or hate speech.

Additionally, Balenciaga, Gap, and other companies cut ties with him, causing a significant financial impact on the artist.

Ye’s anti-Semitic comments, including expressions of admiration for Hitler and Nazis, drew widespread condemnation.

The Simon Wiesenthal Center named him the “anti-Semite of the year.”

Ye’s comments on social media, particularly a post where he declared going “deathcon 3 on Jewish people,” led to an increase in anti-Semitic behavior in the United States.

The situation worsened after he sat down with journalist Piers Morgan, stating that he only wished harm on Jewish people who had done him wrong.

During an appearance on Alex Jones’ Infowars, he admitted to admiring Adolf Hitler and denied parts of the Holocaust.

Despite the controversy, Ye’s recent return to Instagram and his public apology have demonstrated a shift in his perspective.

It remains to be seen how the public, his former partners, and the Jewish community will react to this change.