Kanye West Crowned “Antisemite Of The Year”

Kanye West

The watchdog group StopAntisemitism believe he’s the “most problematic” person of 2022.

Kanye West has been crowned “Antisemite of the Year” by watchdog group StopAntisemitism, who believe he’s the “most problematic” person of 2022. The group chose West after several weeks of research and nearly 10,000 votes from members online.

“Kanye uses his celebrity platform to push dangerous antisemitic tropes about Jews and power and he refuses to stop,” Executive Director Liora Raz told TMZ. “His continuous onslaught of bigoted statements has resulted in horrific antisemitic acts perpetrated by white supremacists, Black Hebrew Israelites, and other fringe groups looking to cause Jews harm.

“Jew hatred is already out of control in the United States and the last thing we need is a celebrity like Kanye to add fuel to that fire.”

West has made several inflammatory comments regarding Jewish people over the last couple of months. In October, he tweeted he was going “deathcon 3 on Jewish people,” which bred an army of antisemites to follow suit. Shortly after the tweet, a group of people hung a sign over a Los Angeles freeway that read, “Kanye is right about the Jews.” West then sat down with journalist Piers Morgan and “clarified” he only wished harm on Jewish people who’ve done him wrong. The final nail in the coffin was his subsequent remarks on Alex Jones’ Infowars during which he admitted he admired Adolf Hitler and denied parts of the Holocaust.

Consequently, several corporations have cut ties with West, including adidas and Balenciaga. West’s honorary degree from The School of the Art Institute of Chicago was also revoked and he was, once again, suspended from Instagram after dropping a song addressing the antisemitic controversy.

The outro of the songs samples his appearance on Infowars show with, “Can we just kind of say, like, you like the uniforms but that’s about it?” to which West replies, “No, there’s a lot of things that I love…about Hitler.”