Kanye West Gets His Own Day In Atlanta

Kanye West

From now until forever, July 22 will officially be Kanye West day in the city of Atlanta!

Kanye West chose the City of Atlanta to debut his new album Donda to the world.

And while fans were blessed with the Gift of Music, Ye’ was blessed with the Gift of Municipal Affirmation.

After the performance at the 71,000 seat Mercedes-Benz Stadium, Atlanta’s City Council gave the artist a formal proclamation to acknowledge his celebrated career and dedicated July 22 as Kanye West Day.

Now, you may wonder why would they offer him the honor?

Well, a fun fact is that Yeezy has a long history with the Peach City. He was actually born in Atlanta on June 8, 1977. According to sources, in the 70s his dad was a photojournalist for the Atlanta Journal newspaper and his mom was starting out her career as a college professor there.

In addition to this day being dedicated to the soon-to-be billionaire, Morris Brown College, a proud member of the Atlanta University Center and the only college in Georgia founded solely by African American patronage, gave his mother Donda West a posthumous “Meritorious Service” certificate. Donda taught at the school for close to two decades and served as a Chair in the English Department.

Reports say that he was extremely moved by this expression of gratitude, topping off a highly emotional night.

Earlier, West had a listening party for the long-awaited Donda album. His children, ex-wife Kim Kardashian and former sister-in-law Khloe Kardashian were present. The project featured a slew of special guests like Pop Smoke, Travis Scott, and Lil Baby. But it was his surprise reunion with Jay-Z that had fans misty-eyed and hungry for its release.

Jigga’s engineer, Young Guru, tweeted that he completed his verse at 4:00 pm earlier that day. And it safe to assume that this was off the dome as the “Can’t Stop the Hustle” emcee is known to never go in the studio with anything written. h

He spits, “ God in my cells, that’s my celly. Made in the Image of God, that’s a selfie.

Pray five times a day, so many felonies.
Who gon’ post my bail? Lord, help me
Hol’ up, Donda, I’m with your baby when I touch back road

Told him stop all that red cap, we goin’ home.

Not me with all of these sins, casting stones.

This might be the return of The Throne.

Hova and Yeezus like Moses and Jesus

You’re not in control of my thesis.

You already know what I think ‘bout, think pieces.
Fo’ you ask he already told you he think he is
Don’t try to jail my thoughts and think pre-cents
I can’t keep control with program and presets, reset”

From the moment Hov did his classic adlib in the middle of his new song “Jail,” listeners started to lose it. The two Watch the Throne rappers had not worked with each other since 2012.