Kanye West Demands To Be On Wisconsin Ballot In November

Kanye West is pushing hard to get on the ballot in Wisconsin, which is a crucial swing state for all of the presidential candidates!

(AllHipHop News) Kanye West has filed yet another lawsuit against another state, hoping that it will for them to add him to their presidential ballot in November.

The next state to get litigation is Wisconsin, the Badger State.

According to the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel the Birthday Party candidate’s team filed his protest with the Brown County Circuit Court.

Rapper Kanye West filed a lawsuit Friday demanding election officials place him on Wisconsin’s presidential ballot in November. Why was Yeezy blocked from the ballot? He was too slow with his submission. On August 4th, when the submission was due, the politician missed the deadline by mere moments. That can’t be fair, can it? It most certainly is fair. The rules are the rules.

There is video evidence showing that the aide from his campaign for to the Elections office, about 14 seconds after 5 pm. This is something that the campaign is pushing … They argue that since they were within the 5 pm minute and 5:01 pm that they should be at least considered.

Kanye has also sued Ohio’s elections because, like Wisconsin, he was not able to appear on the next presidential ballot.