Kanye West’s Father Runs Charity In Dominican Republic

Kanye West

Kanye West’s father Ray West is self-funding a charity to help victims of prostitution and corruption in the Dominican Republic.

Kanye West’s father Ray West is currently operating a charity in the Dominican Republic.

In an interview with the Daily Mail, Kanye West’s former stepmother Brenda Bentley spoke about his dad’s work in the Caribbean. Ray runs the Good Water foundation, which helps victims of prostitution and corruption in the Dominican Republic.

Bentley, who remains close to Ray after being engaged to him twice, says Kanye West’s dad funds the foundation on his own. Although Yeezy and his dad are on good terms, the latter doesn’t rely on his billionaire son to support the charity

“He’s financing the work himself,” Bentley told the Daily Mail. ‘He sells purified water and uses the profits to fund projects like healthcare for women.’

Kanye West’s father was diagnosed with prostate cancer in 2018 and returned to the United States for treatment. But after beating cancer, Ray went back to the Dominican Republic to resume his work.

Bentley fears for Ray’s safety due to earthquakes, such as the one that devastated nearby Haiti in August, and criminal activity in the area.

“They get shocks from earthquakes there a lot and he said this one shook him up but that it really didn’t do too much damage,” she said. “It also is dangerous in the DR because of high crime. There’s not a lot of police activity. Most people at Ray’s age would put their feet up but he’s still got his vision. I’ve been there to see his work. He’s doing good.”

Kanye West and his father Ray can be seen in the visuals for “Follow God” from the 2019 album Jesus Is King. Watch the video below.