Kanye West Has Anxiety Attack And Ends Up In The Hospital

An ambulance was seen arriving at Kanye’s ranch in Wyoming to treat the troubled rapper.

(AllHipHop News) According to sources, and photos released, Kanye West took himself to the hospital yesterday evening due to his anxiety.

However, upon arrival, the hospital was packed with people, further triggering him. Feeling uncomfortable, Kanye left, and shortly afterward, an ambulance was seen arriving at the rapper’s ranch.

When EMTs arrived, they checked his vitals and confirmed Kanye had eventually calmed his nerves down and was fine.

The EMT’s left the ranch as Kanye rode off on his ATV.

Looks like ‘Ye had an eventful weekend. The ambulance incident occurred not too long after his public apology to his wife, Kim.

Kanye has made some rather brash comments about Kim during a rambling rally in South Carolina last weekend, where the rapper claimed he almost aborted his daughter North.

Kim urged him to seek help for his mental illness but was immediately shut down by the Chicago rapper in a series of offensive tweets, which were later deleted.