Kanye West Makes Return To Drink Champs To Discuss Controversial Comments

Kanye West

What comments do you think will go viral?

Controversial rapper Kanye West will be returning to N.O.R.E. and DJ EFN’s “Drink Champs” to talk about the whirlwind of events that has happened over the last month.

The last time the producer-turned-fashion designer was on the show, he blasted everyone from artists that he signed like John Legend and Big Sean, to artists he came up with like Talib Kweli.

Ye doubled down on his relationship with the former president, Donald Trump and shared private conversations with everyone from Jay-Z to Lauryn Hill. 

Ye also reveled in one conversation where he boasted he was richer than everyone else on the podcast.

Now, the rapper is substantially less wealthy after he terminated his deal with Gap, reducing his estimated $6.6 billion net worth to a little over $2 billion. That $2 billion is in jeopardy, as AllHipHop.com has reported, because he is in conflict with Adidas, his current partner for his Yeezy athletic brand. 

During the last visit to the platform, rooted in giving legacy artists their just due, Ye spent hours dropping names of people he has worked with or is friends with.

With this upcoming session, the world is sure to get an ear full  with him talking about his “White Lies Matter,” how he feels about the new Kardashian show on Hulu, his Donda school, how Sway always had the answers, his antisemitic comments and more.