Kanye West Making “Power” Moves For Haiti During Presidential Meeting

Kanye West

Kanye is taking his influence to Haiti, where he met with the President! 

(AllHipHop News) Amid the global coronavirus pandemic, Kanye West has made his way to the West Indies — however, why he is traveling to the islands is still unknown and causing controversy.

First, he went to the big island, and people are wondering if the “Jesus is King” rapper broke COVID-19 protocol during his visit to see Buju Banton in Jamaica. 

Now, he is chilling in Haiti, the first liberated island in the Caribbean. 

The French had colonized the islands until their revolution in 1804, which made Haiti the first Black republic in the world. 

Upon arriving in Haiti, the president of the nation, Jovenel Moïse served as Kanye’s travel guide.


One hint as to why Kanye might be there might be found on the nation’s official tourism Facebook page.  There it is reported that he will visit Labadee, a plant breeding center in the northwestern part of the island. 

It is considered a pet project of the president. 

He also was taken to West Pointe, where Moïse said that brought West to help him fulfill his promise of providing 24-7 electricity to all of Haiti. 

“Providing electricity in all of Haiti is what you sent me to do,” said Moïse. “I am going to bring electricity to La Tortue; I am going to bring it to Port-de-Paix…I don’t have anywhere I am not going to bring it.” 

Kanye has been invested in trying to create living systems for people. 

From building cutting edge housing to looking at new energy, he is proving that while he might not be the president of the United States, he is most certainly working to better the lives of people all across the world.