Kanye Criticized For Outrageous Prices At “Donda” Listening Event

Kanye West Donda

Rap star Kanye West being criticized for the unbelievably high prices for snacks, merch and other gear at his “Donda” listening event!

Jay-Z was not the only topic from Kanye West’s Donda listening party circulating online last night.

The other trending elements of the night was his outfit, some of his other features and the outrageously expensive food prices on the event’s menu.

According to a photo of the menu, he sold snacks for over $50 a serving.

The snapshot of the menu sold cookies and brownies for $45, all-beef kosher hot dogs for $40, chicken tenders for $50 and an assorted snack pack for $65.

If you thought the Double Good charity popcorn was expensive, get a load of his $35 sweet and salty kettle popcorn that was on sale during the four hours that 71,000 people were crammed in the Mercedes-Benz stadium.

This is a price hike to the normal arena menu which features the hot dog for $1.50, making Kanye’s frank a full 2,566% markup is this is correct.

Some attendees say that the photo does not communicate the full story of the menu.

They are saying that there were more affordable options.

On Twitter, one fan noted, “I bought a full pizza at the event for like $15. Water and drinks were only $2. You could get snacks for much cheaper. This isn’t the ordinary stand.”

Fans were probably hungry after waiting almost two hours for the show to finally start. The minimalist performance did not do justice to the songs that he submitted for the world’s pleasure.

With drumbeats noticeably missing, 808s being a beloved element of classic Yeezy hits, fans celebrated as they heard features from Travis Scott, Lil Baby, Pop Smoke, and Jay-Z are on the project.

Even as they might have gone broke munching through the night. But from the looks of the crowd, not one person cared. And that’s the Kanye Effect. People buy everything that he is selling.