Kanye West Reportedly Wanted To Take Sunday Service To Jerry Falwell Jr.’s Liberty University

The high-profile evangelical leader is tied to several recent scandals.

(AllHipHop News) There is still a lot of questions about Kanye West’s Sunday Service performances and his support for Donald Trump. Earlier this month, New Birth Missionary Baptist Church’s Rev. Jamal Harrison Bryant announced his congregation was redirecting a donation from West to Morris Brown College because of the rapper’s political statements.

While Bryant chose to distance himself from West, another evangelical leader reportedly fully embraced the 42-year-old superstar who recently converted to Christianity. Liberty University president and prominent Trump supporter Jerry Falwell Jr. is said to be building a relationship with the Jesus Is King creator.

Apparently, West was planning to take his Sunday Service series to Liberty University. Slate reports:

West’s specific plan to perform at Liberty didn’t last long, according to Falwell and a Liberty spokesperson. West called on a Tuesday, and wanted to hold the event at Liberty’s football stadium the following Sunday, with an audience of 25,000 split between Liberty students and Lynchburg, Virginia, locals. As organizers scrambled to assemble the logistics, West said he had to check with “the best publicist in the world”—his wife, Kim. According to Falwell, Kim deemed the event too difficult to pull off on such a short timeline.

Jerry Falwell Jr. is viewed as a controversial figure in some circles. His comments about Muslims, gays, and transgender individuals led to condemnation from organizations representing those communities.

The son of the late televangelist Jerry Falwell has also faced serious scrutiny after a “racy photo” scandal and self-dealing scandal put a spotlight on Falwell Jr. and his wife Becki Falwell. Plus, over two dozen current and former Liberty University officials described a culture at Liberty that is leading to a lack of faith in Falwell Jr. as the head of the institution.