Kanye West Responds To Stephen Jackson Over George Floyd: “Shut The F### Up, And I’ll Leave It Alone”

Kanye West Stephen Jackson

Stephen Jackson says Kanye has to pay the “consequences” for his words about Floyd.

Rapper Kanye West has been restricted on social media again, so one might wonder where he will go to clap back at his many critics. Parler.

He has taken to the social engagement platform to blast Stephen Jackson, one of George Floyd’s most famous supporters and friends.

Jackson stepped in to address Yeezy for his remarks about Floyd, saying that he was not murdered by former officer Derek Chauvin but that drugs played a part in his premature demise.

Because of these outlandish claims, fueled by Candace Owens, the multi-Grammy-winning artist is being sued for $250 million by the deceased’s daughter and her mother, Roxie Washington.

Ye has criticized the lawsuit, revealing he donated $2 million to Floyd’s daughter after her dad’s tragic death.

The former baller stepped in and stated the artist didn’t have all the facts. Out of the $2 million that was donated by West, only $250,000 came to the child.

Despite that, Jackson said the rapper has to “pay the consequences” for speaking ill on the dead.

“First off, Roxanne could care less what you think about her hair, that’s number one,” he said out the gate. “We ain’t going to talk about that bulls##t you be wearing and marking it up for your own people to pay for.”

Jackson then directed everything to Kanye about talking about his friend.
“You say stupid s##t, you get stupid prizes,” he said. “Nobody asked you to say nothing about George Floyd, but you decided to say that on your own. So you going to pay the consequences.”

“Roxy was minding her business, Gianna was minding their business,” Jackson continued before saying the family and the heirs are separate.
He also called the “Jesus is King” rapper “delusional.”

“You didn’t give Gianna $2 million. She got 250,000 that they broke down through families,” Jackson corrected his assertion saying, “Roxanne is giving back to you.”

He ended his post by saying, “Every time you speak on Georgie, you gonna learn your lesson.”

Kanye responded on Parler, “My name is Ye Stephen I gave 2 million to the family Then Roxie threatened to sue me because I gave a different perspective I been going light actually I got suspended from Instagram for 30 days for my truth I’m a digital prisoner right now but If you keep talking Ima keep talking If you shut the f*ck up I’ll leave it alone.”

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This doesn’t seem like it will end peacefully.