EXCLUSIVE: Kanye West Squashes Legal Beef With Little Girl Over Stolen Prayer

Kanye West

The rap star has reached an agreement with the young child’s parents over her inclusion in his hit song “Ultralight Beam.”

Rap star Kanye West has settled with the parents of a child who claimed the rapper used her prayer without permission. 

Andrew Green and Shirley Green are the legal guardians of a child they adopted only identified as “Natalie” due to her status as a minor. 

The Green’s sued Kanye in February of 2019, claiming Kanye stole the prayer off of YouTube and illegally incorporated it into his hit song “Ultralight Beam,” which was featured on his critically acclaimed album The Life Of Pablo. 

Kanye did attempt to get permission to use the prayer, but he contacted the child’s birth mother, instead of the Greens, who are her legal guardians. 

The girl’s birth mother gave Kanye verbal permission but never received anything in writing, while the Greens never approved a deal with either party.  After two years of legal wrangling, Kanye has reached a settlement with the child adopted parents. 

[“The Greens] believe that the terms of the settlement are fair and reasonable and in the best interests of N.G.,” their lawyer J. Taylor Powell said.

While the terms of the settlement were not made public to protect the little girl, the parents seemed pleased with Kanye’s generosity and willingness to squash the lawsuit. 

“The [Greens] have fully and carefully considered the aforesaid settlement offer and are of the opinion that under the circumstances this offer of settlement is reasonable and proper and in the best interests of N.G., a minor, and adequately protects her interests,” the Greens’ lawyer J. Taylor Powell added. 

Natalie’s parents have agreed to dismiss the case with prejudice and the legal action has been brought to a close.