Kanye West Spends More Money To Pen “Vision Prayer” In The New York Times 

Kanye West

Kanye West took out a two-page advertisement in The New York Times as he attempts to convince Americans that he is the best choice for President.

Rapper turned presidential candidate Kanye West has penned a letter to the future, printing it as an ad in the New York Times for the world to see.

The rapper is trying to assure the masses (and maybe even himself) that the country can come together and “hold each other accountable to love.”


The two-page ad captures the creativity that one might expect from the “All Falls Down” rapper. A blending collection of poetry, affirmation, religious musing (he proclaims that Jesus loves everybody), he starts the note by sharing that he believes in the future.

He writes, “I still believe in you. We still believe in you.”

“Even in our darkest moments, we believe,” he continues. “We believe in a world at peace. We believe in our people. We believe in our families. We will see families anchoring on faith.”

Within the letter, that reads like a poem, Ye offers a segment that does reflect his political platform.

“Our future will provide expecting families with a safe and secure plan that values every stage of life,” the rapper/ producer proclaims. “Our future will provide a justice system that treats everyone equally regardless of their socioeconomic status. Our future will provide an education system that promotes freedom and visionary thinking.

“Our happy, healthy future looks like the new Garden of Eden with children running and the elderly brimming with joy on how beautiful our world has become. Our future has homes for everyone. Our future has food for everyone.”


Finally, he notes that in “our” imagined “future” there will be love.

“Our future is free from debt, shame, guilt, worry, stress, war, greed, hate, misuse of power, prejudices, manipulation, and discrimination.”

Kanye West is currently on 12 ballots to be the president and in California, he is on the ballot as running for Vice President. 

According to reports, businessman and perennial candidate, Roque “Rocky” De La Fuente, is running for president of the American Independent Party and has tapped the multi-hyphenate as his number two.