Kanye West Wants To Save Your Soul From Eternal Damnation

Kanye West dropped the trailer for his upcoming documentary “Jesus is King,” offering an insight into the rapper’s new spirituality.

(AllHipHop News) Kanye West left fans shook when he revealed not only is a forthcoming album on the way, but a whole film titled Jesus Is King.

On Saturday, the Chicago native unveiled the official trailer for the movie, stating, “We’re here to spread the gospel. I’m not here for your entertainment.”

The clip was released as his epic Sunday Service travels all across the States and abroad, with Ye continuing to push forward his religious beliefs.

In a voiceover, Ye draws from the Bible reciting Mark 1:15.

“I’m an evangelist, so my music, my films, every conversation, every room I go in, we’re here to save souls, save you from eternal damnation,” Kanye West says.

The film itself is directed by Nick Knight and hits Imax theaters on October 25th, the same day Jesus is King will land in stores.

Imax released a statement as well:

“Filmed in the summer of 2019, ‘Jesus Is King’ brings Kanye West’s famed Sunday Service to life in the Roden Crater, visionary artist James Turrell’s never-before-seen installation in Arizona’s Painted Desert. This one-of-a-kind experience features songs arranged by West in the gospel tradition along with music from his new album Jesus Is King — all presented in the immersive sound and stunning clarity of Imax.”