Kanye West’s Hospitalization Could Lead To Brand New Album From Rapper


(AllHipHop News) It looks like the downtime Kanye West has since his nervous breakdown last month is proving to be productive.

Sources that are tight with Kanye told TMZ.com that the rapper’s creativity is flowing again and the whole ordeal could produce a brand new album.

The rapper has already constructed a temporary studio in the Bel-Air mansion where is recuperating, since being released from the hospital on November 30, after being treated for “temporary psychosis.”

Kanye, 39, was hospitalized at the UCLA Medical Center for treatment on November 21, which forced to cut his “Saint Pablo” tour short, costing the rap star about $30 million in revenue.

Some reports have attributed the rapper’s meltdowns to drugs and not taking the proper doses of medicine, while others have noted the timing of his breakdown came around the anniversary of his mother’s sudden death.

Either way, most reports are suggesting that Kanye is progressing with his recovery and his creativity is “flowing” now, leading to an uptick in his output, as he recovers.

Earlier this week, Ryan Seacrest said that Kim revealed to him “that things are going better now” for Kanye.