Kanye West’s Lawsuit Against Australian Burger Joint Sizzles Out Because Artist Goes Missing

Kanye West - adidas - Ye

Lawyers are abandoning a case because they have not spoken to former billionaire.

The world is watching as Kanye West’s empire seems to crumble and many of his efforts lose credibility.

Such is the case with a lawsuit he filed against an Australian hamburger restaurant and his legal representation.

It has nothing to do with the validity of the case, but everything to do with how he communicates. The lawyers said he has stopped talking to them and so they are going to stop pursuing the litigation.

According to WA Today, at the top of 2022, Ye accused Ivanhoe burger store owner Mark Elkhouri and his restaurant of misleading his fans by selling College Dropout Burgers.

True fans will recognize this as a play off of his 2004 debut Def Jam release by the same name. The Melbourne fast food spot used the name without getting the permission of the multi-hyphenate serial entrepreneur.

The lawsuit said, “Ye has suffered, and will continue to suffer, loss and damages. Ye has sold more than 140 million records internationally and is one of the best-selling artists of all time.”

On Friday, Elkhouri’s barrister Craig Smith said to Federal Court Justice Shaun McElwaine College Dropout’s legal team have not received any response from West regarding the application needed to sue and even start the case, the legal practice for a party outside the jurisdiction to bring forth a lawsuit in the country.

“The applicant has taken a single substantive step so far in this proceeding, which is to initiate it … and then nothing since then,” Smith argued.

Adding, “None of the various requests … none of those have been answered with any substance.”

Yeezy has not commented on the lawsuit and the issues raised by the lawyers.