Karrueche’s Ex-Manager Claps Back With A Federal Lawsuit

After suing her ex-manager, he files a countersuit for money owed to fund Karrueche’s career and expensive lifestyle.

(AllHipHop News) Back in February, Karrueche Tran sued her former manager, Yaquwb Muhammad (aka Jacob York) for over $1.4 million in business proceeds that were allegedly owed to her.

Now York has filed a countersuit saying he invested “millions” in Karrueche, from launching, promoting, and marketing her career.

Some of the expenses that are a part of his suit include acting lessons and making sure her “lavish lifestyle” was fully funded.

In his defense, York says Karrueche wouldn’t be where she is today if he didn’t help “build” her career.

When Karrueche initially sued York, she claimed that he was guaranteed a 20% commission.

Additionally, after reviewing her own finances, she discovered that she was not paid the $267,000 owed to her, by York, for booked gigs.

She also accused him of scamming her out of $1.4 million that she earned from her ColourPop Cosmetics collaboration.

Out of that deal, Karrueche was only paid $276,000, despite the line generating well over that amount.

To cover up their tracks, York and his company, Electric Republic, allegedly told her that the collaboration was generating low royalty payments because it wasn’t as successful as they had anticipated.

Which, of course, was false. According to ColourPop, it was one of their “most successful cosmetic lines to date.”

We all know there are two sides of a story. As this case continues to unfold, the true story will eventually come out. Stay tuned in.