Katt Williams Says He Took A Photographer’s Camera Because She Was Being Inappropriate With A Child


Earlier this week, Katt Williams and former Death Row CEO Suge Knight were hauled off to jail together over allegedly trying to steal a female photographer’s camera in Beverly Hills back in September.

Katt Williams has since been released and TMZ caught up with him to get to the bottom of what really happened. The Friday After Next  star said he first approached the photog because he was concerned about a child nearby.

“I knew that she was engaged inappropriately with a child,” said the 41-year-old. ” Not with any adult. We’re talking about a five-year-old… She was doing no photographs. She was recording. Her story is clearly she got in an altercation with me, but she didn’t.”

Williams also claims that Suge Knight did not have an altercation with her either.

Since Knight and Williams have lengthy rap sheets, this arrest could lead to both men doing some serious time in prison. Knight faces 30 years while Katt could do up to seven years.

Watch what Katt had to say below.