Kehlani Says She Does Not Need To See A Therapist After YG Cheating Scandal

Kehlani dropped a new song called “You Know Wassup” and she seems to address YG’s infidelity.

(AllHipHop News) Kehlani has reassured fans she’s “good” after sparking concern by dropping new track “You Know Wassup” which appears to address recent rumors about her boyfriend YG’s infidelity.

The 24-year-old star released the new tune on her Soundcloud and YouTube channels, with her devotees quick to highlight the pointed lyrics:

“And I’ll still tell the world I’m in love with you/ ‘Cause I ain’t ashamed of s##t/ Got your name tatted on my wrist/ Any b##ch got a bone to pick and knows phone to hit/ ‘Cause I’m still with all the actions and all that s##t/ You’re still my love, you’re still my heart, that’s still my date/ Still wanna be Mrs. Jackson.”

YG, real name Keenon Jackson, was photographed kissing another woman while leaving a Los Angeles nightclub last month.

A spokesperson for the rapper later dismissed it as a “drunken moment” and said he was “very regretful for putting himself in that situation and hurting Kehlani.”

“You Know Wassup” is the first time Kehlani has addressed the cheating rumors, and many of her fans were eager to check her mental state after she dropped the track.

Responding to the concerns, Kehlani tweeted: “I’m good y’all. i see people starting a hashtag about hoping my mental is ok and me possibly needing a therapist. lmao (laugh my a*s off). I’m straight forreal. I’m an artist. I dive inward. glad it’s doing something for you all tho. love you.

“The fire thing about music is you can express the wildest and furthest parts of the emotions youre experiencing, even just the things the little back of your head voice is screaming.. or even the devil on your shoulder. flush it out and it keep it flowin.”

Kehlani and YG confirmed they were a couple in September, as they stepped out together at New York Fashion Week.