“Kenan & Kel” Star Kel Mitchell Begs Courts To Check His Ex-Wife

Will a judge step in and stop the former child star’s ex from dragging him into court?

Child star and comedian Kel Mitchell is reportedly. having his day in court. According to reports, Mitchell is pleading with a California judge to get his ex-wife to stop filing so many motions.

The Nickelodeon star was married to Tyisha from April 1999 to August 2005, and they share two kids, Lyric and Allure.

Since the couple’s split nearly 20 years ago, Tyisha continually refers to Mitchell as a deadbeat father and claims he owes her millions of dollars. Meanwhile, Mitchell refutes these claims.

In February 2023, a judge in the Los Angeles Superior Court determined he’s not obligated to provide any retroactive support payments to his former spouse.

During the court session, the judge ruled that the substantial amount of $425,000, which Tyisha received from the sale of the couple’s home, adequately addressed any potential financial support Mitchell might have owed her. But Tyisha remains committed and continues to qualify for court fee waivers, which allows her to file legal motions without incurring court fees.

She allegedly filed a series of contempt motions against him and sought a restraining order against Mitchell. She also allegedly made defamatory statements about the actor’s current wife while pushing for Mitchell to give her an additional $1.9 million. Mitchell’s estimated net worth is $3 million.

He’s pleading to the court to make her stop.

“Tyisha has done everything in her power to drag me through her path of destruction,” Mitchell said in 2022. “I was forced to start over and made an active effort to get my life and affairs in order. I focused on rebuilding my relationships and my career.

“Despite my best efforts, I’ve still had to spend all these years, and thousands of dollars, to defend myself against her actions. Tyisha has pained me as a deadbeat father, not only to this courtroom but to the community and my entire public platform.”