Kendall Jenner Fined $90K Over GOOD Lies To Promote Fyre Fest

Kendall Jenner has learned the hard way not to be so Instathirsy.

(AllHipHop News) Many look at Kendall Jenner as the shy and responsible Kardashian, because you rarely see her and she has a legit career modeling, but now she is reflecting on her decision to use her celebrity status to promote events.

Bet you Kendall Jenner won’t be so Insta-thirsty in the future, especially at having to dish out $90,000 to settle a bankruptcy claim over her very minimal involvement with the Fyre Festival.

How minimal?

They paid her a bag and she posted it. SMDH

By now you know about the Fyre Festival debacle, as there are several documentaries about it and the backlash of the failed event epically clowned on social media.

Queens rapper, Ja Rule, was at the helm of the festival deemed to be the party of the century, but alas, even the Murder Inc. emcee felt bamboozled.

Just like Rule, Jenner was lured into lending her name to Fyre. She was hired as an influencer to be a part of the festival’s lofty social media strategy.

It is suggested that she was paid at least $275,000 to post on her IG (one time). By posting, she and a few of her model friends, made everyone think that the Fyre Festival was legit going to be the jam of all jams.

Better than Spring Break. Better than South Beach. Coachella what? St. Bart’s who? Negro … they made you think it was going to be Freaknik in the tropics with a little Greek Picnic ala 93 with white and whitish models. You know people were fiending.

Kendall went ham making people believe that it was going to be a good gathering, even she even announced “my G.O.O.D. Music Family as the first headliners” for the festival, which made people believe that Kanye West, her brother-in-love, might even swing through … This was a lie and one that Fyre never asked her to make.

Making it worse, Kendall did not share that Fyre LLC paid her, thus hiring her to say these things which later has been found out as being untrue. explained why Jenner settled and agreed to share some of the blame.

“Gregory Messer, who serves as Fyre LLC’s Chapter 7 trustee, claimed that the payments to Jenner were fraudulent and avoidable under the Bankruptcy Code and New York bankruptcy law, and therefore Jenner’s company, Kendall Jenner Inc., should be required to repay those amounts as part of the discharge of Fyre LLC’s outstanding debts.

The trustee alleged that because Kanye West was never scheduled to perform, Jenner’s post, therefore, was made as part of a wider scheme to defraud investors and dupe customers by insinuating that the festival would be more successful than it could ever be in reality.

Accordingly, such amounts should not be retained by Jenner but instead should be redistributed to the festival’s defrauded investors. As part of the settlement, Kendall Jenner agreed to pay $90,000 in exchange for waiving any other claims against her company.”

Next time, Kendall is gonna stay in her lane and not make it hot. Little lessons like these make you start to think that Kim really is the smart one.