Kendrick Lamar Talks Drake, Chasing Fame And More


Kendrick Lamar stopped by The Breakfast Club to give an update on what he’s been up to. Though his upcoming album is untitled and does not have a release date, there was still plenty to chat about with the TDE spitter.

On “i”

“It started from my crew. The people [that are talking about] all these guns and what they gon’ do, it’s not reality for people that’s really doing it. You know what people told me to make this record? It’s the OG’s and n##### in the penitentiary.”

On Chasing Fame

“I thought I wanted to. It wasn’t confirmation of success. You get money and feel like you’re gonna buy all these different things but at the end of the day you’re still gonna be unhappy. That’s what people don’t understand. I had to find a different type of inspiration and something to live for rather than how much money I make.”

On Drake

“People need to leave and let that go man. It wasn’t no issue from the jump, I think [when] people talk about beef, it’s just a whole other dynamic. I can’t see myself going bar for bar with Drake. We’re two different type of artists.”

K. Dot spoke on whether he would date a celebrity, the unreleased track “King Kunta,” how his circle has adapted to his success and a rumored Vegas altercation he allegedly had.

Check the convo below.