Kendrick Lamar Explains How Label CEO Top Dawg Almost Robbed Him


(AllHipHop News) Kendrick Lamar will always be “fascinated” by how his life has come full circle after rapping about a real-life robbery incident involving his now-record label boss and his father.

The “Humble” hitmaker shared an intriguing story on his song “Duckworth,” from his latest album DAMN., detailing how his dad’s generosity while working at a KFC fast food restaurant helped to save him from near-certain death in a planned armed robbery masterminded by a young Anthony ‘Top Dawg’ Tiffith.

Tiffith eventually turned his back on a life of crime and started his own Top Dawg Entertainment label, to which Kendrick is now signed.

In a candid discussion with comedian Dave Chappelle for Interview magazine, Kendrick reveals the entire story he discusses on the track is true, and he is still amazed by the series of events which have led him to where he is today.

“(It’s a) true story, and one of my favorite records on the album,” the hip-hop star says. “The idea that I wanted to put across from that event was one of perspective. Everybody has their own perspective, and recognizing someone else’s perspective blows my mind a hundred thousand per cent.

“The way that event unfolded… I had to sit down and ask my pops, ‘What was your perspective at the moment?’ And, ‘Did you ever think it would come around full circle like that?’ That always fascinated me.”