Kenneth ‘Supreme’ McGriff Seeks Clemency From President Obama


(AllHipHop News) The President of the United States has the power of clemency which allows the office to pardon people in prison for federal crimes.

Convicted drug trafficker and gang leader Kenneth “Supreme” McGriff is asking President Barack Obama to allow him to at least face a new trial.

Global Grind posted a letter from the alleged head of the Queens-based Supreme Team.

The associate of Murder Inc’s Irv Gotti and the subject of 50 Cent’s controversial “Ghetto Qu’ran” song argued he was denied his constitutional rights because he was not allowed to testify at his own trial.

“I offered my life in exchange for my right to testify and was denied that right by my lawyer David Ruhnke, simply because he didn’t believe what I told him,” McGriff wrote.

He added, “Mr. President I implore you to correct this gross miscarriage of justice with a stroke of your pen. My true request is to be restored to my proper place in the legal process before my Constitutional right to testify was violated. To restore my guaranteed right to prove my innocence. My testimony is vital to my defense and only I can attest to the truth.”

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McGriff is currently serving a life sentence for a $50,000 murder-for-hire plot. In 2001, Eric “E-Money Bags” Smith and Troy “Big Nose” Singleton were killed, and a New York jury convicted Supreme of being part of the murder conspiracy connected to their deaths.

To read Kenneth ‘Supreme’ McGriff’s full letter click here.