Kevin Gates Fan Who Let Rapper Spit In Her Mouth Dragged Online

Kevin Gates, Courtesy Of Atlantic Records

Many believe this is one of the nastiest things the rapper has done.

The  Only Generals Tour has started and Kevin Gates is making news with his first Virginia show. Known for creating controversial moment, his latest antic was just as wild.

During a recent performance, Gates invited a female fan to the stage and performed a sexually explicit stunt right in front of thousands of his fans. He asked her, “I can do whatever I wanna do?”

Once she consented, the woman leaves her spot in the audience, steps up and gazes in the rapper’s eyes. He sits her in a chair, tilts her head back while standing over her, and tells her to open her mouth.

After she obeys every command, he spits into her mouth. The woman, who fans speculated might’ve been pregnant, seemed to enjoying every bit of it. Fans thought it was disgusting.

“Kevin gates been did some crazy s##t, but spitting in that lady mouth on stage was sumn i never had to see,” one person tweeted.

“I’m totally against spitting in my mouth but to let a stranger ass ni##a do it. Like b##ches be trash !!! Literally!!!!!!! Kevin Gates ain’t the nasty one. The b##ch that let him do it was !” another tweeted.

Someone also said that this was one more reason why she’s not a fan.

“Kevin gates spitting in a fans mouth on stage makes me dislike him even more. he is so mf disgusting.”