Kid Cudi Calls Out His Label For Album Drop Issues

Kid Cudi/Apple Music

The “Insano (Nitro Mega)” project does feature some Hip-Hop heavy hitters.

Kid Cudi continues to be very active on social media. The Cleveland native uses X to interact with his fans. He also uses the platform to air out his grievances.

The Insano album by Kid Cudi arrived on January 12. A Nitro Mega version of the 2024 project came out today (February 23) but not without issues. Cudi addressed those problems on X.

“Hey fam, the label f##### up and didn’t start loading my album up in time, so it won’t be out at midnight,” Cudi tweeted around 10 pm ET. “I’m workin on this now in real time and my plan is that it comes out tonight just a bit later. I’m waitin on a time and ima keep y’all posted.”

The 40-year-old rapper/actor also added, “I’m thoroughly p#####, especially cuz I get this call just hours before it’s to drop. Such b#######, but I promise u this album is droppin tonight. So roll up, get a drink, binge a show, do something to pass the time, and then, WE RAGE. I love you.”

Insano (Nitro Mega) did land on DSPs via Republic Records. The 18-track effort features Wiz Khalifa, Chip The Rapper, Pusha T, Lil Yachty, Layzie Bone, Krayzie Bone and Steve Aoki.

Kid Cudi’s original Insano debuted at No. 13 on the Billboard 200 chart and No. 4 on the Top Rap Albums chart. He previously earned a Billboard 200 Top 5 placement with five other LPs.

The WZRD member made headlines earlier this week by responding to a fan’s question about fellow rapper/actor Donald Glover. Cudi expressed no interest in working with Glover, the Atlanta-bred entertainer also known as Childish Gambino.