Kid Cudi Considering Retirement

Kid Cudi

Rapper Kid Cudi revealed. He’s about to give up the rap game as he transitions to becoming an actor. Read more.

Kid Cudi is thinking of quitting making music.

In a Hot Ones interview on Thursday, the Surfin’ rapper hinted at the possibility of retiring soon.

When asked whom he looked to as the blueprint for ageing gracefully as an artist, Cudi – real name Scott Mescudi – replied, “JAY-Z for sure… But I don’t feel like I have what they have.”

The star continued, “I just don’t know if I wanna do music, drop albums for too much longer, you know? I’m kind of nearing the end on all things Kid Cudi, I think.”

Pressed to elaborate, Cudi revealed what his dream job would be after music.

“I’m really curious to see what else I can do,” he mused. “I was thinking about this – and this is like a wacky idea I had years ago. But it would be cool to, like, one day be a kindergarten teacher. And just do that for a couple years. Like, when I’m, like, 50.”

Why teaching appealed to him, the 38-year-old explained, “I just, like, infect the youth with that freshness. Get ’em young, and then those kids will just sprinkle the freshness to the world, and I’ll just be like, ‘Yes! Yes!’”

Elsewhere in the interview, Cudi called his music style “space punk rock,” describing it as “super synth-y but reckless and dangerous and edgy.”

His latest album Entergalactic dropped on September 30th.