Kid Rock Was Reportedly Brandishing Gun & Screaming Racial Slurs In Recent Interview

Pamela Anderson and Kid Rock

Kid Rock was wilding out in his latest interview, according to the journalist who published the feature.

Kid Rock has once again stirred up controversy due to his alleged bad behavior.

On Sunday (May 19), Rolling Stone published a story in which journalist David Peisner accused Rock of brandishing a firearm and using racial slurs during their interview. The article details the chaotic encounter between the musician and Peisner, the increasingly erratic behavior of Rock, who was reportedly belligerent during the incident.

According to Peisner, Rock consumed several Jim Beam and Diet Coke cocktails before brandishing a handgun from behind a leather chair.

“And I got a f###ing g###### gun right here if I need it … I got them everywhere!” Rock allegedly yelled. Piesner also alleges the “American Bad Ass” musician also used the n-word multiple times while discussing politics and the history of the Republican Party.

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When asked about immigrants, Rock reportedly agreed to them being described as “not humans” and further disparaged emigrating migrants as perpetrators of violent crimes.

“They’re murderers!,” Rock allegedly said. “They’re rapists! They are! MS-13! They just did the girl over here! They just did the girl in Nashville.”

Rock also appeared to reference his involvement in Bud Light’s 2023 controversy following a campaign with trans activist Dylan Mulvaney. In his retort, he seemingly suggested that his legacy might include shooting up Bud Light cans. Despite previously boycotting Bud Light, he hinted at targeting other companies in the future.

“I don’t want to hurt people’s jobs and stuff like that when they don’t have any dog in the fight, but there’s a whole lot of other companies we should be going after,” he said.

The interview also touched on Kid Rock’s support for Donald Trump, who he attempted to call during the conversation, describing Trump as his “bestie” even as the former president sent him to voicemail.

The interview reportedly grew tense when Rock insisted Peisner stay the night, despite earlier derogatory remarks about the journalist’s college background and sexuality. Peisner siad Rock called him a “college snowflake” and dared him to “write the most horrific article” in hopes it could breathe new life into his career. As of now, Kid Rock has not responded to requests for comment on the Rolling Stone article.

Rolling Stone’s account is the latest in a series of incidents showcasing Rock’s controversial behavior. In 2019, he was widely criticized for a drunken, racist rant against Oprah Winfrey and Joy Behar during a performance at his Nashville bar. The incident prompted a backlash and renewed scrutiny of his often inflammatory public statements.

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