Kidd Kidd Gets Out Of Rikers, Thanks G-Unit

Free At Last, Kidd Kidd!

50 Cent made good on his word and bailed out Kidd Kidd, his artist in G-Unit.

Fellow G-Unit rapper Tony Yayo made the revelation on his Instagram account saying “Fresh out Rikers.” Kidd Kidd can be seen eating pasta in the image.

The 23-year-old rapper was jailed last week on domestic abuse charges as he was to perform at a New York concert.

Under another picture posted by Kidd Kidd, he said, “When s### get real you see who fake ?or nutin #loyaltyhasnoprice #RLLNR #RG #DAUNIT #THAMUSCLE”

Oddly, today is 50 Cent’s 40th birthday.