Killer Mike Offers Advice To White Liberals Fearful Of Donald Trump’s Policies


(AllHipHop News) Killer Mike was one of the most visible surrogates for Bernie Sanders’ presidential run.

The Independent Vermont senator did not become the Democratic nominee last year, but some of his supporters are still very active in bringing awareness to the issues favored by Sanders.

Some of those progressive policies may not be a priority in the new Republican administration of Donald Trump.

The huge Women’s March on Saturday was the first major push back against Trump.

However, the multi-city demonstration faced criticism over the fact that many left-leaning white citizens got involved in political action for the first time, as opposed to standing alongside marginalized groups in the past.

Killer Mike spoke with The Huffington Post about how those Caucasians can really make a difference in the Trump Era.

“Go outside of your white liberal, Anglo-Saxon, Protestant circle,” said Mike. “Go find other people and become a part of movements that you don’t lead. Go become a part of movements in which you have to learn from the people who have endured this ― since Reagan, since Nixon ― and you will start to see what they have had to do to thrive and survive. And you guys will learn and you guys will devise strategies together.”

The Run The Jewels member had words for his fellow African-Americans as well.

“It is up to us to express that ― and if you gotta write them off, if they just don’t get it, f-ck ‘em. Find another white friend to teach. But we cannot throw everyone out,” stated Mike.