Killer Mike Reacts After His Atlanta Barbershop Gets Shot Up

Rap star Killer Mike talks about an incident last night after gunfire blew out the windows of his barbershop.

Atlanta Rapper Killer Mike’s barbershop was caught in the crossfires of some heavy street violence.

The gunplay resulted in several of the SWAG shop’s windows being shattered delaying his relaunch plans, just days before customers were filmed getting “right.”

And while he is disappointed in the damage to his property and the business’ setback, he is grateful that no one was hurt. The former Morehouse student took to Instagram to detail the ordeal.

“Last night at 1 am (non biz hours) while I was in the booth I got a call “Mike the OG Store windows where shot out”. It was not a personal attack but it was black men who cud not shoot for s### shooting at one another. I am not upset as property can be replaced. I am sorry to my customers as this will continue pause the re launch of the OG SWAG Shop barber Shop & store.”

He shared a message to the shooters, “Please consider what would have happened if one of y’all actually hit one another. The jail, the lawyer fees, the funeral cost, and two Black families loss.”

“I’m glad y’all cud not hit the side of a barn with a shot gun cuz this am y’all all are alive,” the activist jested.

He continued, ” Being a biz owner connected to the community this one hurt as no body else’s (meaning non black) was affected and simply becuz of tempers and poor decisions our biz is being stifled. 💈💈💈💈💈💈💈💈💈As we planned on opening back up this month we will now take a LiL longer but to College Park, Union City, City of South Fulton, and the Red Oak Community we love and respect y’all and will be back ASAP.”

It is stifled for a minute.

Because he has shown love to the community, the community has shown love to him. He thanked the police, his employees, and other folk for coming out to help clean up the mess.