Killer Of Jordan Davis Found Guilty Of Murder


(AllHipHop News) Michael Dunn was found guilty Wednesday of first-degree murder for killing Jordan Davis, the 17-year-old boy in a dispute over music in Nov. of 2012.

The case was a retrial, where initially Dunn’s February case ended up in a mistrial after the jury in the first case was deadlocked for 30 hours.

The 47-year-old murderer took the stand in his own defense in the case as it closed today.

The closing arguments by prosecutor Erin Wolfson likely sealed the deal for Dunn. Wolfson and other prosecutors maintained Michael Dunn shot with the sole purpose to kill when he fired 10 rounds into the SUV that held Jordan Davis and three of his friends.

“He wasn’t shooting at the tires. He wasn’t shooting at the windows. He was shooting to kill, aiming at Jordan Davis,” Wolfson told jurors.”Let me be very clear: There was no shotgun in that red Durango that night,” Wolfson said. “There was no  stick, there was no branch, there was no hollow pipe. There was no weapon. Inside that Dodge Durango were four teenagers … four kids who had just left their moms, four kids who were spending their Black Friday doing what lots of people do — out at the mall, they were just hanging out, being kids, listening to music that they liked.”

On top of that, Wolfson said that Dunn feeling threatened was not in line with reality, ultimately dissolving his argument of self-defense. There was never a gun in the SUV that held Jordan Davis and his friends.

Dunn was tearful after being found guilty of murder.

In February, Dunn was convicted of three counts of attempted second-degree murder and was already starting at 60 years in prison.

Reverend Al Sharpton offered his commentary on the ordeal, stating justice had been served.

“The conviction of Michael Dunn of first degree murder vindicates the committed work of the parents of Jordan Davis and all of us, who despite setbacks still tried to get the courts to deal with issues like this. Many say we cannot win cases in the courts and must resort to taking things in our own hands. Verdicts like this tell us even though the road is long and rough we cannot be deterred. It also says that loud music and wild claims cannot justify the taking of innocent unarmed lives.”