K’naan’s Inspirational Song “Wavin’ Flags” Used As Anthem By Anti-Islamic “Bigots” In Canada


(AllHipHop News) Somalia-born – Canadian-based rapper K’naan and is defending his hit song “Wavin Flag,” after the tune was used during a protest by a racist group in the country.

The Canadian Coalition of Concerned Citizens recently held a rally to protest Canada’s new M-103 resolution that the country’s Congress is debating.

The M-103 is simple, non-binding, non-legal motion introduced by MP Iqra Khalid to “condemn Islamophobia and all forms of systemic racism and religious discrimination.”

However, the Canadian Coalition of Concerned Citizens believes their rights to free speech are being trampled upon with the resolution.

Ironically, the group has been opposing the motion to the backdrop of “Wavin’ Flag,” K’naan’s biggest hit, which was used as the song for the 2010 World Cup.

The rapper, who immigrated to Canada from Somalia at the age of 13 to flee war and persecution, was not particularly happy with the group using his music.

“Everyone wants to complain about robots putting humans out of work but what about bigots doing the same to satirists?” K’naan asked via Twitter.

“Just thought of a chant they could sing: “we want the work/not the force/we want the knowledge/not the source/we want the fruit/not the tree/let’s sing the song!/Oh god, don’t tell me it’s by a Somali refugee”

Still, George Hallak, the founder of Canadian Coalition of Concerned Citizens held his ground, even if it’s hypocritical to use a song from an immigrant like K’naan, who also happens to be a Muslim.

“I’ve talked to many Canadians that are very worried that the freedom of speech is going to be little by little taken away from us, whereas we cannot even mention anything regarding Islam and Shariah law,” Hallak said.

Somalia is also one of the six countries listed on U.S. President Donald Trump’s infamous “Muslim Ban.”