KNOW YA HIP HOP: Smack White And Wild Style

Learn about the “Godfather of Battle Rap” and the first commercial Hip-Hop film.

On November 23, 2021, the Universal Hip Hop Museum and are set to celebrate URL’s Smack White and the movie, Wild Style.


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Smack White, whose name is an acronym for Streets, Music, Arts, Culture, and Knowledge, is the essence of Hip-Hop.

He took the hustle of Ralph McDaniels and created SMACK DVDs in the 2000s. He later helped develop battle emceeing into an organized sport, by combining what used to be confined to a corner in the hood, a cipher of emcees, and some hustlers betting money on a winner, into a systemized contest where emcees are paid a purse like boxers.

His @URLtv is the largest English-speaking battle league in the world. His multi-million dollar streaming deal with Drake and Caffeine, the URLtv App, the media outlets that thrive because of him, and the various ancillary business birthed out of his hustle (other leagues included) have moved battle rap into a billion-dollar business.

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On November 23, 1983, the iconic and arguably first-ever Hip Hop movie, “Wild Style,” arrived at New York’s Embassy 3.

Under the direction of Charlie Ahearn, the director and filmmaker, all of the elements of Hip Hop culture were represented in the film with appearances from some of the most prolific emcees, DJs, breakers, and graffiti artists, including trailblazers like The Cold Crush Brothers, Rock Steady Crew, and Grandmaster Flash 🔥

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