Kodak Black Has A Spiritual Awakening In Jail

Kodak Black may be locked up in jail, but that didn’t stop him from sharing a touching message with his fans.

(AllHipHop News) Kodak Black is humbling himself in the most heartfelt way to his fans and the general public. 

Most recently, the Florida rapper pleaded guilty to the federal firearm charges he was hit with back in May. 

It was over a week ago that he changed his plea from not guilty to guilty and has been locked up in jail since his arrest before his set at 2019 Rolling Loud Miami. 

Now, the 22-year-old posts a photo from behind bars, sharing his thoughts and feelings to his 8.4 million followers on Instagram. 

The photo contains a bunch of fan mail and ramen, with the caption: 


“4 Months Ago I Was Jus Facetiming Da Baddest Females On Planet Earth , Na Im Makin Jail Calls Waitin On Mail Call. Ya Sometime I Come Off A Lil Arrogant But You`ll Be Too If You Was Young & Rich Comin Up Out Da Projects , Shiddd I Walked Out A Juvenile Detention Center To Millions Of Dollars #IMAGINEDAT .. On Da Real , Im Feelin Its Sumn God Wanna Show Me Or Want Me To Do Cause Im Steady Going Through Da Same Thing , Hopefully These Lessons Turn To Blessings. I Appreciate Ya`ll Screamin To Me Too LOVE ” 

The lengthy message sees Kodak reflecting on his come up from the projects but also admitting his faults of being arrogant. 

He humbled himself real quick, admitting he was a kid from the hood who suddenly came up on a million dollars, mostly due to his rapping ability and talents. 

Kodak Black’s sentencing is reportedly slated for November 13.