Kodak Black Loses Appeal Of 46-Month Sentence For Trying To Buy Guns

Kodak Black lost a round in his legal battle with the prison system, over his 46-month prison sentence for attempting to buy guns illegally.

(AllHipHop News) Kodak Black can’t seem to catch a break.

The Florida rap star was itching to get out of prison and get back to the rap life that has made him famous.

But last week, June 16, Kodak Black had his most request for release or time reduction from an Atlanta appeals court denied the rapper’s attempt.

According to the Florida rap star, he was sentenced too harshly for someone who was actually not a convict.

He and his team argued that he should not be considered a convict because in an earlier case (2015), he pleaded no contest to a robbery which technically was not a conviction.

Well, the court couldn’t see it. A panel of judges with the U.S. Court of Appeals for the 11th Circuit gave a big “ain’t gonna be able to do it” to Kodak Black’s appeal of his 46-month sentence.

One judge noted in writing that his “argument falls on its face,” when documenting his opinions on the case.

Kodak is serving the lengthy sentence for making “false statements to acquire a firearm” in 2019.