Kodak Black Says C.O.’s Are Preventing Him From Seeing A Rabbi & Reading The Torah

Rapper Kodak Black believes his religious freedoms are being trampled on while he’s locked up.

(AllHipHop News) Kodak Black is claiming that a Federal Detention Center in Kentucky is violating his First Amendment right to practice his religion by denying him time with a Rabbi.

In fact, according to his attorney Bradford Cohen, the controversial rapper is willing to compromise (after months of petitioning) to meet with any Rabbi.

Although he is not practicing Judaism, Kodak Black told his attorney that he identifies with many of the tenets of the faith. He also believes that God has a purpose for his life and wants to speak to a religious guide to help him navigate the new calling in life.

In addition to a meet up with his Rabbi, he would like a copy of the Torah according to TMZ.com.

Cohen stated that the prison’s chaplain maintains the reason that Kodak has not met with a spiritual leader due to the coronavirus, since face-to-face meetings have been barred.

The attorney says that the chaplain shared that if the “ ZEZE” singer wanted to phone his Rabbi, he could most likely make that happen without issue.

This is not the first time that Kodak or his family has claimed that the rapper is being treated unjustly while locked up.

Last year, he shared with fans that he believes that people (like the COs) are trying to kill him and he was being punished for violence in the jail that he did not start.